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Whether a B2B powerhouse, a tech start-up or a lifestyle trailblazer, your communication with target audiences will always be paramount – and finding a PR team to enhance your brand image and credibility is half the battle won.

By enhancing brand awareness and fostering strong relationships with stakeholders
and the public, you can strategically influence audience perceptions and communicate more effectively. This approach not only boosts customer engagement but also drives higher conversion rates.

2024 is expected to be another year of PR evolution – and we PR specialists are loving it!

Thanks to AI-driven assistants enhancing productivity and with readily available analytics, we’re witnessing a revolution in PR. The advancements in tactics, tools, content marketing and influencer collaboration have made PR more integrated than ever, delivering measurable and tangible outcomes.

With AI-driven helpers aiding productivity and analytics so readily available, the tactics, tools, content marketing and influencer benefits we see are major contributors to making PR even more integrated than before – with actual tangible results.

Long have the weaknesses of PR simply been a lack of control and difficulty in effective evaluation. With agencies now absorbing the digital landscape holistically into their reporting, PR is without a doubt a tangible, easily reported-upon commodity. Goodbye AVE, hello effective feedback.

Customer journey personalisation remains at the helm of PR trends in 2024, purely because brands and agencies are recognising the importance of customer-centric, service-first sales to cut through the clutter and craft compelling stories.

So, use the data, build your narrative and quantify accordingly.

The truth is, when it comes to Marketing, PR is still so cost-effective for reaching larger audiences. Combined with a strategic social media roll-out and compelling visual elements, brands can guarantee results.

That’s where we come in. With a dedicated and passionate team of PR experts, DarkMatter delivers insightful, relevant ideas and strategy to help build your brand, mitigate risks from the macro-environment, improve reputation and increase media presence, ultimately shifting the needle on your company’s success.

As a Creative Communications agency we had one component missing, and our decision to expand comes as a response to the increasing demand from current clients, wanting a more comprehensive solution to their existing communications collateral, seeing DarkMatter as the solution for all creative outputs.

Simply put, we are thrilled to have extended our service offering.

With current offerings including Strategy, Digital & Social Media Management, Creative Copywriting and Ideation, Web Development, Video Production, Graphic Design and Animation, we feel that Public Relations is the perfect extension of an already well-rounded roster of services.

With this expansion, we intend to make 2024 a year of results-driven success for our clients and in turn, continue the trajectory of growth.

Give us a call and let’s get you out there.

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