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Integrated marketing is a strategy used for delivering unified messages across all of the marketing channels used by a brand.

It enables a brand to keep their message consistent when communicating to current as well as potential customers.

This is important because communicating mixed or inconsistent messages throughout a campaign can be confusing to the consumer.

The Real Secret Behind Growing Brand Trust with Customers

As you can see by the graphic above, brand building is integral to brand growth. Therefore, marketing professionals will often make use of an integrated marketing strategy by combining long-term branding activities with direct response advertising.

The goal of a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy is to communicate your organisation’s messages across a variety of channels in a consistent and user-focused manner.

Consistency, synergy and collegiality are the cornerstones of IMC and all brand touch points must be integrated in order for the customer’s journey to be smooth and effective.

The four main components of IMC that require collaboration are:

  1. Non-interference with media
  2. Customer insight-based consumer centric
  3. A tactical and coordinated approach
  4. A consistent customer experience across the board and active board involvement

What is integrated marketing?

As defined by Smart Insights, an online publishing platform, integrated marketing involves creating a coordinated approach to communication and marketing targeting defined audiences and individuals. It is vital to achieve consistent messaging tailored to each channel, so that consumers receive a unified and seamless experience throughout their paths to purchase.”

An integrated marketing campaign is created or amplify to one or more user personas, or target audiences, by utilizing all available marketing channels.

The number of digital marketing options is increasing, so it can be overwhelming to find the right mix for your brand. In addition to traditional marketing approaches, social media, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, and search engine optimisation provide channels for reaching your customers. However, unless these tactics are integrated seamlessly, your message could get lost in the crowd.

How does integrated marketing benefit businesses?

An integrated marketing strategy provides consistent messaging across all forms of media, saves your company money, and increases employee productivity.

A simple, but powerful marketing philosophy is at the foundation of integrated marketing: each interaction with your brand, across any channel, should reinforce the brand’s image consistently and positively.

What are the benefits of integrated marketing?

Increased ROI

Your revenue will soar increase significantly if your company can convey a consistent message to a wider audience across multiple channels and all departments work together to achieve that goal.


Traditional marketing involves teams working separately to achieve their individual objectives. Integrated marketing involves your entire team collaborating to deliver well-planned and integrated campaign to your audience.


Influencer marketing on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to reach your target audience through trusted and relatable individuals. This creates trust and credibility, targeted audience reach, and provides an authentic endorsement of your product or service.


Your marketing campaigns can be more effective if your brand and creative messaging are consistent. Copy and printing costs can be reduced by using the same content cross all platforms.

Enhanced brand visibility

To stand out from competitors, businesses need to employ integrated marketing tactics. Provide your target audience with guidance, helpful tips, and relevant information in order to deliver a consistent message on all social media platforms.

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