The WHO entrusted DarkMatter with the creation of a high-impact video advertisement for World Condom Day. The objective was to resonate with the youth, particularly Gen Z, by crafting relatable content. The aim was to ignite enthusiasm among this demographic about the importance of protection against AIDS, STIs, and unwanted pregnancies.


With full creative autonomy, our strategy focused on speaking to Gen Z to capture their attention. Recognising their preference for short, snappy videos on social media, we directed our focus there. Our plan? Create a vibrant, fun, and concise 60-second video for social and digital purposes.

Featuring an energetic ensemble of diverse, stylish individuals enjoying themselves, our video subtly emphasized the importance of condom use. Our aim was to portray safe sex not only as responsible, but also as enjoyable and empowering. The script balanced informative content with a light and relatable tone. To represent the diversity of Gen Z, we assembled a mix of different people and filmed in lively urban settings, capturing the energy of the demographic. Bright colours, catchy tunes, and playful animations were incorporated to add an extra spark, ensuring the message resonated and stuck with the audience.


Our ad made instant waves on social media, sparking conversations about safe sex and condom usage, precisely as intended. Notably, the World Health Organization loved it. It successfully prompted young people to consider sexual health in a light-hearted and engaging manner, fulfilling our objective.
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