DarkMatter’s mission was to craft world-class, captivating, and high-quality content, offering a fresh perspective on Saxon Hotel, Villas, and Spas to elevate its global standing, aligning it with esteemed luxury hospitality brands.

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Centering on the Saxon’s core values of excellence, DarkMatter realigned marketing strategies to accentuate this defining attribute, reaffirming the hotel’s position. This was achieved through the strategic philosophy of ’intention to detail’.

By employing engaging storytelling and highlighting its remarkable heritage, DarkMatter brought new life to Saxon’s image and elevated its global reputation, while underscoring shared values of hospitality and service. With this vision as our guide, the production journey began. The DarkMatter production team conducted interviews with employees and managers, posing emotive questions and delving into their perspectives and experiences, thereby enriching their passion and dedication at Saxon.

We initiated this campaign with a strong emphasis on organic posting via Instagram Reels and authentic imagery, showcasing the individuals behind the brand. Additionally, DarkMatter introduced the brand’s TikTok account, ushering its digital marketing into a new era.


The campaign page experienced a significant uptick in impressions and new followers, reaching a total of 90,385 impressions and acquiring 463 new followers within a single month.

Analysing the campaign’s performance during this period revealed impressive metrics:
  • Reach: 40,839
  • Profile Views: 3,541
Videos consistently garnered between 9,000 and 11,000 views within days of posting.

Instagram saw a notable increase in reach and engagement, up by 54.5% and 68.8% respectively compared to the previous 90 days. Story reach and engagement surged by 25.8% and an astonishing 286.2% respectively, compared to the preceding 90 days. Both Instagram and Facebook followers exceeded industry norms by 15.4K and 11.2K respectively. By focusing exclusively on social media channels, the campaign successfully amplified awareness and fostered a deeper, more personal connection with Saxon. Consequently, there was a noticeable uptick in bookings for the Restaurant and Spa, enabling more individuals to partake in the Saxon’s promise of exceptional hospitality and luxury experiences.
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