rAge Events Expo enlisted the expertise of DarkMatter to support various aspects of their 2023 annual event. This encompassed an integrated approach to execution, involving pre-event ticket sales facilitated by social media marketing and content creation, as well as comprehensive coverage during the event through photography, videography, and active social media engagement. Post-event, DarkMatter continued its involvement with social media marketing efforts. Our primary objective was to craft impactful and pertinent content that would stand out amidst the gaming and lifestyle audiences, aiming to achieve high relevance scores and drive sales conversions for event attendance. This necessitated real-time event coverage to build anticipation and excitement enabling immediate engagement with attendees and drawing additional interest to the event.


We created a myriad of content in order to serve the three campaign objectives:
  • Pre-event hype content to push sales, this was in the form of both static and dynamic media artwork.
  • During-event content that made the event real, raw, inclusive and engaging: this was candid camera, interview-style pieces as well as “happy snaps” (catching people in the moment)
  • Post-event content that allowed those who did attend to relive the experience, as well as serve future marketing activities: this was done with a team of 10 production crew members roaming the live event and capturing moments in real time


During the campaign's duration, the Facebook audience surged by an impressive 233.3%, while the lnstagram audience experienced a remarkable growth of 1,131.5%. Furthermore, the engagement rates on Facebook skyrocketed by 3,289.9%, and on lnstagram, engagement rates surged by an impressive 828%.
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