We were approached to produce and create a TV commercial (TVC) for Oasis that positioned the brand as a comforting solution for South Africa’s water problems in a light-hearted, comical manner. We aimed to emphasize the tagline “Sometimes all you need is a little Oasis” while showcasing Oasis as the remedy for both minor family irritations and water-related challenges.


Understanding the need for relatability within family dynamics and social consciousness, we developed a concept that seamlessly integrated common family-related annoyances with humour and empathy. By intertwining these elements, we sought to forge a deeper emotional connection with viewers while also shedding light on South Africa’s water issues. This lead to the ‘Little Frustrations’ Concept. This concept revolved around various scenarios that deliver minor annoyances in the household—like misplaced items, sibling squabbles, or kitchen mishaps, while subtly incorporating South Africa’s water problems. Through humorous vignettes, we showcased how Oasis provided a solution amidst these challenges, bringing moments of relief and harmony to family life. We shot two distinct ads with different families allowing us to capture a range of relatable family dynamics. Each scene was meticulously crafted to evoke empathy, laughter, and a sense of togetherness.


The TVC resonated strongly with audiences, eliciting positive feedback and engagement, particularly from families. Viewers appreciated the humorous yet empathetic approach to everyday family-related annoyances and South Africa’s water problems. The tagline “Sometimes all you need is a little oasis” struck a chord, reinforcing Oasis as the go-to remedy for water-related woes.
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