IoT.nxt boasts a portfolio of award-winning Smart IoT solutions, effectively addressing challenges across various industries. Despite this, many sectors remain unaware of the efficacy of IoT.nxt’s products and their potential to enhance profitability. To bridge this awareness gap, IoT.nxt enlisted the expertise of DarkMatter to enhance brand visibility and fortify their online presence.


DarkMatter spearheaded the development of two distinct video series, namely “IoT Sustainability” and “What’s Next with IoT.nxt”, wherein their team of thought leaders delved into various topics to educate their target audience on all aspects of IoT and IoT.nxt. Leveraging the professional filming, editing, and final mix services of the DarkMatter production studio, these videos were meticulously crafted to deliver polished and captivating content.


The videos collectively achieved an impressive total view rate of 69.8% across both assets, indicating substantial engagement from the audience. Additionally, the campaign successfully generated 59 positive leads, underscoring its effectiveness in driving interest and inquiries. The client garnered significant organic traction, with 345 reposts and over 1700 social signals, leading to the videos trending across LinkedIn throughout each campaign’s duration.
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