Xpand IT

Company Introduction

Xpand IT is a reputable industry leader providing professional technology solutions.

Established more than a decade ago, the company has since earned the reputation as one of the top IT Managed Services Providers in Africa.Xpand IT was also recently recognised as a premier Managed Service Provider globally, ranking at number 26 in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region at the annual MSP 501 report.

Industry IT Services and IT Consulting
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng
Company size 11-50
Our Services Creative workshop, Marketing

Problem Statement

DarkMatter conducted a creative workshop where it was identified that Xpand IT’s online presence required strengthening within the B2B sector, specifically to drive inbound leads and bottom line revenue for their business using LinkedIn as a key marketing channel.


The objectives made it clear that DarkMatter needed to create an Xpand IT Digital Handshake.

Xpand IT’s Digital Handshake was achieved through:
  1. LinkedIn Marketing.
  2. Google AdWords Marketing.
  3. The selection of the RIGHT CONTENT on the RIGHT social media platforms.
  4. Content creation & brand messaging to enhance brand equity.
  5. Key video content.


Google Ad Campaign

With DarkMatter managing the Google AdWords campaigns for Xpand IT over a 12 month period, the following was achieved;




Over the past 12 months, DarkMatter managed to increase Xpand IT’s LinkedIn profile views by 662.9%, unique visitors by 623.6% and custom button clicks by 610.4%.

Xpand IT’s LinkedIn has also seen an increase in reactions by 2 801.8%, shares by 2 350% and 3 777 new followers in the past year.



With the right understanding of the brand, digital strategy and strong client relationships, compelling brand stories and brand equity can foster tangible results in the B2B Tech environment.

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