Switch Energy

The Problem

Switch Energy drinks are known for having unique designs on their cans which differentiates them from their competitors. However, these unique designs are not being pulled through on social media.

This presented a key marketing opportunity for the brand to leverage their already established designs with their target market.

When looking for video content related to Switch, DarkMatter was unable to find any that was created by the brand itself. Due to this lack of video content, many content creators are taking it upon themselves to create their own versions of their go to energy drink.

For this reason, this campaign focuses on video content so that the brand does not have to rely heavily on user-generated content.

Industry Food & Beverages
Headquarters 178 Monte Casino Boulevard, Monte Circle, Building A, 2nd Floor, Magaliessig, 2191
Rendered services Marketing, Production (DVC)


With this in mind we used a mixed media approach using filmed cans and custom designed backgrounds to show how we could “Switch” things up!

When creating the content, the campaign focused on;

  1. The cans
  2. The labels
  3. The unique style in which they were created

DarkMatter showcased the brand in the correct light helping influence purchasing decisions.



Each themed can has a personality of its own. We wanted to bring life to these personalities through the use of movement, strong visuals, and sound.

The end product created;

  1. A recognisable brand personality
  2. Brand awareness and engagement
  3. Brought the cans to life


The final product drew together an already well-established physical presence into the digital world. Portraying each can in its own unique way, and giving both current and new consumers an opportunity to immerse themselves in a video experience of art, colour and sound.

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