Suzuki Jimny

Our Insight

Before you embark on an adventure to traverse the unknown, it all starts at home. This is where you, the intrepid explorer give birth to the idea, start to plan the route and see the expedition become a reality.

Industry Automobiles & Motorcycles
Headquarters 300 Takatsuka-Cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, Japan
Company size 68499
Rendered Services Marketing, Production
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Our Vision

Due to the Suzuki Jimny’s popularity in recent years, mini toy cars were created embedding this piece of machinery in the zeitgeist.

As DarkMatter, we wanted to take this popular toy car and show it traversing the landscape of “home”. DarkMatter wanted to use these everyday environments from home and turn them into our mountains, ravines, deserts and trails. Using every 4×4 advert as our storyboard, DarkMatter re-imagined the world that is always around us; you just have to have fun to explore it.



  1. Plan, plan, plan.
  2. Writing a script and identifying key scenes that would match home/outdoor
  3. Storyboarding the visuals against the best 4×4 TVCs
  4. Finally Shoot!

DarkMatter opted to use stop motion as the medium to bring this idea to life.
This style helps to position the brand and its car as the “playful” in the 4×4 market.

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The Campaign

Along with the 30″ Digital Video Commercial, we built out additional outdoor branding that would utilise the environment to maintain the juxtaposition of home and outdoor. DarkMatter wanted to create a full 360 degree solution, leveraging the video across multiple channels. To support this static digital assets were made with the Suzuki strap-line and CTA to book a test drive. Additional Micro-content videos were created that pointed back to the main video, these were created to show the versatility of home and the outdoors.


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