Steri Stumpie

Problem Statement

Steri Stumpie is a milk drink available in a range of colourful flavours and is South Africa's Number one flavoured milk brand.

The biggest challenge was taking this well-known product and making it appealing to a wider audience as at the moment the brand speaks more to a younger audience.

We felt that Steri Stumpie could appeal to a more mature audience, while still being fun and playful.

Industry Milk Drink
Headquarters Stump Towers, Strand Road, 7600 Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Rendered Services Production

We wanted to involve all who love Steri Stumpie, young or old, by keeping the message concise, clear, and fun. We also wanted to make the shift in the branding from child-like to modern playfulness.

We also noted that the Steri Stumpie social media does not cover all the flavours and this is something we wanted to change.


With the above in mind, we came up with a video using a kaleidoscope effect to highlight each flavour through transitioning in and out of the different Steri Stumpies. We then layered it with some playful music to accompany the ad that would be perfect for Steri Stumpies’ social media platforms.

Playing with the different colours of Steri Stumpie, the final result was a vibrant and engaging video that showcased that there is…



The final product showcased “a flavour for everyone” that is a colourful and exciting experience for both the younger and mature audience.


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