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DarkMatter's mission was to create world-class, captivating, and high-quality content, presenting Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spas from a fresh perspective to elevate its global status alongside renowned luxury hospitality brands.

Focusing on the Saxon's core values and impressive history, DarkMatter realigned marketing strategies to highlight these defining attributes and reestablish the hotel's industry position. We did this through a strategic philosophy, intention to detail.


By leveraging engaging storytelling and emphasising its noteworthy heritage, DarkMatter aimed to revitalise Saxon's image and enhance its international standing, while shedding light on shared values of hospitality and service.

With this vision in mind our journey began

Industry: Hospitality
Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa
Company Size: 50-100
Rendered Services: Social Media Management & Production
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Production Process

The DarkMatter production team travelled to Saxon Hotel and conducted interviews with employees, and managers. Prompting them with emotive questions, and exploring their views and experiences honing their passion and craft at Saxon.

Saxon focuses on doing the basics with excellence.
Therefore, DarkMatter set out to create excellence with a focus on basics.

We launched this campaign with a strong focus on organic posting through Instagram reels and authentic images showing the faces behind the brand. DarkMatter also launched the brands TikTok account introducing it’s digital marketing to a new era.

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The campaign page saw an increase in impressions and new followers with a total of 90,385, and 463 respectively in one month.

The analytics during the month of the campaign:

Reach = 40,839
Profile Views = 3,541

At the beginning of the campaign, one video reached 11K views in April. Another campaign video reached 8 975 views in just 4 days.

Instagram reach and engagement increased by 54.5%, and 68.8% respectively from the previous 90 days.

Story reach and engagement increased by 25.8%, and 286.2% respectively in comparison to the last 90 days.

Instagram and Facebook followers are 15.4K, and 11.2K higher than the industry norm.

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The campaign focused solely on social media to bring awareness and create a more personal connection with Saxon. This ultimately resulted in higher rates of bookings for the Restaurant and the Spa, allowing more people to experience the Saxon’s promise, intention to detail.

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