El Jimador


At its core, El Jimador is rooted in its sun-kissed Mexican heritage. Recently, the brand’s social presence has moved away from its traditional iconography to try to relate to a much younger audience. With this being said, the recent campaigns have been focused on tequila based cocktails as this is what appeals to that particular audience. El Jimador has been short on fresh content on their digital channels; with this DarkMatter set out to create something new to re-engage audiences.

Industry Tequila distillery
Headquarters General Counsel, 850 Dixie Highway, Louisville, Kentucky 40210, USA
Rendered Services Marketing, Production


DarkMatter’s goal for El Jimador was to refocus the marketing efforts back onto the tequila and its colourful heritage. While El Jimador’s versatility makes it great for cocktails, it is also great as a stand alone drink that brings the sabor and siesta everywhere it goes.



The Bottle

El Jimador’s bottle tells the story of its origin. The brand is deeply rooted in hard work and passion. From the planting and harvesting, to the pouring of the crisp finished agave nectar, the bottle’s embossed iconography details the tequila’s origins. The bottle became the hero of the campaign – signaling strength, intrigue, and difference.

The Tequila

Focusing on the aromatic Reposado, we chose to highlight the golden tequila in motion. In the video, the movement adds contrast to the tequila against the white of the ice, whilst in the photos, it aims to add motion by capturing the act of the pour.

The Story

Taking years to produce, El Jimador is enjoyed for a moment, but savoured for a lifetime. Years of vital generational knowledge and hard work are needed to create every drop of El Jimador tequila. For this very reason we chose to revive Mexican artist Claudio Limon’s stylised illustrations – used in El Jimador’s 2008 campaign – and used digital media to bring them to life.

These illustrations depict El Jimador’s history of harvesting the blue agaves and pay homage to its heritage through symbolic patterns and iconography – centering each bottle of El Jimador in a ring of its own history.



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