Busy Week in AI: Code Interpreter, Claude 2, Shutterstock Partnership, and More!

AI Revolution Unleashed: OpenAI's Mind-Blowing Code Interpreter, Game-Changing Partnerships, and Jaw-Dropping Tools Take the World by Storm!


In this week's AI news, a lot has happened! OpenAI unveiled its remarkable Code Interpreter and started its collaboration with Shutterstock. As if that wasn't enough, Pika Labs shook things up with their new Image-To-Video tool. We also look at Google's Notebook LM and BeeHiiv AI's latest features, rounding up a truly remarkable week for the AI community.


Code Interpreter: Unleashing the Power of GPT-3.5

Attention, developers and AI enthusiasts openAI’s highly anticipated Code Interpreter has arrived, exclusively for Chat GPT Plus members. Be amazed as you tap into the remarkable powers of GPT-3.5 for all your coding needs, just imagine crafting captivating video games, effortlessly spotting faces in images and even generating stunning animations. By following this straightforward activation process, you can unleash the true potential of Code Interpreter for data interpretation, game development and countless other mind-blowing possibilities. The future of coding is here and it’s in your hands!

Sarah Silverman and Others Sue OpenAI and Meta

In a surprising turn of events, the AI world just got challenged in a major legal showdown. Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman along with a group of authors are taking on the giants, OpenAI and Meta, in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Allegations fly as the authors claim their precious copyrighted books were used without permission to train large language models. This case has us all wondering: how should copyrighted materials be treated in AI training? It’s a wake-up call for the industry to uphold the sacred principles of intellectual property rights.

Stable Diffusion XL 1.0: A Sneak Peek into Enhanced AI Training

Get ready for the arrival of Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (SDXL 1.0), a long-awaited breakthrough in the world of AI. Users are filled with excitement as they can now dive into the sphere of SDXL 1.0 through the Stable Diffusion Discord community and here’s the best part: by actively engaging in the interactive voting process, users become an integral part of training the brand-new data set for SDXL 1.0. Witness enhanced image analysis and generation capabilities that will revolutionise AI-powered image manipulation.

Claude 2: Google's Impressive AI Model for Free

Google has unleashed its latest offering, the mighty Claude 2 and it’s open for action! Users in the US and UK get exclusive access to this cutting-edge AI marvel during its open beta phase. With an astonishing input capacity of up to 100,000 tokens (that’s around 75,000 words), Claude 2 takes AI performance to thrilling new heights. Unlock its potential to analyse data correlations, craft concise summaries and even transform pesky PDFs into simple explanations. Google is generously offering this powerhouse model for free during the beta phase, paving the way for a world of limitless possibilities for AI enthusiasts and professionals alike.

BeeHiiv AI: Revolutionising Email Autoresponders with AI

Let’s get into a buzz-worthy update from BeeHiiv. The email autoresponder company is taking things to the next level with a thrilling array of AI features, embracing AI writing assistants, AI text tools and an AI image tool, all seamlessly integrated into the BeeHiiv platform. Say goodbye to writer’s block as you unlock the power of automated content creation and image generation, transforming your email newsletters into captivating masterpieces but wait that’s not all! With BeeHiiv’s AI translator, language barriers will crumble as emails can be effortlessly translated into multiple languages, expanding the reach of your email campaigns like never before.

Shutterstock and OpenAI Extend Collaboration

Exciting things are happening at Shutterstock, so hold onto your creative hats! Shutterstock, a top-notch stock photo provider, just took their collaboration with OpenAI to new heights with a game-changing six-year agreement. This partnership allows OpenAI to utilise high-quality training data sourced from Shutterstock to refine their image models, such as DALL·E. But it’s a win-win. In return, Shutterstock gains access to the mesmerising world of AI-generated content, empowering them to stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry. Shutterstock and OpenAI have joined forces to redefine the limits of creativity.

Pika Labs: Text-To-Video Generation

Pika Labs’ latest masterpiece is the Image-To-Video tool. This captivating innovation allows you to transform ordinary still images into extraordinary videos using simple text prompts. Although still in beta, the results are already mind-blowing, pushing the boundaries of AI-generated content creation to new heights.

Meanwhile, Epidemic Sound is hitting all the right notes with its game-changing feature, Soundmatch. Finding the perfect background music for your videos has never been easier. Just upload your clip and Soundmatch works its magic, analysing the content and suggesting suitable background music from Epidemic Sound’s vast library. The secret to its spot-on accuracy? Leveraging the wealth of data collected from YouTube videos that have already utilised Epidemic Sound’s tunes.

Bill Gates on AI

Tech visionary Bill Gates has spoken in a recent thought-provoking article where he dives deep into the world of artificial intelligence, addressing both its risks and boundless potential. While acknowledging valid concerns surrounding AI, Gates remains optimistic even though some jobs may become obsolete, he reminds us of our extraordinary human adaptability – a force that can create new avenues of value and employment. Gates emphasises that the key is to utilise AI as a tool to safeguard against risks and unleash its full potential for the greater good.


Elon Musk's X.AI Announcement

Elon Musk is at it again with his mind-boggling AI project, X.AI. In collaboration with a dream team of AI researchers from DeepMind, OpenAI, Google Research, Microsoft, Tesla and the University of Toronto, the mystery surrounding X.AI is nothing short of captivating. The project promises to be an epic journey into the unknown as Musk’s X.AI project will revolutionise our understanding of this multiverse, as the veil of secrecy is set to lift soon.

Shopify's AI Assistant

Boost your e-commerce game with Shopify’s latest superstar, Sidekick. This genius AI assistant is here to transform your online business by drawing from sales data. Sidekick becomes your go-to guru, answering questions and dishing out expert recommendations. From analysing sales trends to suggesting promotions and optimising your store’s layout and content, Sidekick empowers you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Say hello to a whole new level of success as Sidekick becomes your trusted ally in enhancing your online business.


In the fast-paced world of AI, innovation knows no bounds. The recent developments we’ve explored are just a glimpse into the astonishing progress happening in this field so brace yourselves for a future where AI technologies soar to new heights, revolutionising industries and reshaping our tech interactions.

Embrace the AI revolution, for it’s set to redefine the way we live, work, and thrive in this ever-evolving digital age. The future is bright and AI is leading the way! Stay tuned for the next busy week of AI updates.

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