AI News Roundup: Policies, Threads and More

Unveiling the game-changing AI breakthroughs shaping the future of social media platforms!


In the fast-paced world of AI, staying updated with the latest developments is crucial for social media companies. This week may have been relatively slow in terms of AI news but there are still noteworthy updates that can influence the future of social media platforms. In this article, we will explore the recent advancements in AI and their potential implications for the social media industry.


ChatGPT's Slowing Growth

ChatGPT, the beloved language model that has captivated users worldwide, recently hit a surprising speed bump on its journey to digital dominance. For the first time since its inception, its once-exponential growth took an unexpected detour, leaving us all wondering what lies ahead. This intriguing cooling-off period, observed throughout the months of May and June, has ignited curiosity about ChatGPT’s future trajectory and the ripple effect it may have on our social media interactions.

Meta's Threads: A Positive Alternative to Twitter

Meta, the rebranded tech giant formerly known as Facebook, has just unleashed “Threads” onto the social media scene – an exciting new platform aiming to challenge the dominance of Twitter. Initial feedback from users suggests that Threads is fostering a refreshing change, offering a breath of positivity in a digital world that often leans towards negativity. This revelation not only highlights the potential of Threads as a game-changer but also emphasises the significance of social media companies to understanding user preferences and exploring innovative platforms like Threads. By embracing these insights, companies can shape their future strategies and create more engaging and uplifting online experiences.

MidJourney's Pan Feature: Enhancing Visual Creativity

Prepare to take your visual storytelling to new heights with the latest unveiling from MidJourney! Brace yourself for the thrill of the panoramic feature, an addition that lets you move images in every direction imaginable, expanding the possibilities beyond the traditional zoom-out option. With this powerful tool at your fingertips, social media creators can now paint vibrant narratives with dynamic and intricate visuals, elevating the overall visual experience for everyone.

Leonardo AI's Canvas V2: Expanding Image Editing Capabilities

Prepare to be amazed as Leonardo AI takes image editing to new heights with the grand unveiling of Canvas V2! This groundbreaking innovation empowers users to unleash their imagination like never before. With the advanced editing capabilities of Canvas V2, you can now effortlessly add or modify elements within an image, seamlessly transforming ordinary snapshots into extraordinary works of art. The possibilities are limitless, opening up a world of creative opportunities for social media content creators and advertisers alike. Get ready to paint your own digital masterpiece!

Steam's Stance on AI Games

Prepare for a plot twist in the gaming world as Steam, a popular gaming platform, takes a firm stance against games featuring AI-generated images. The decision stems from the legal and ethical complexities surrounding AI artwork, especially when it’s trained on copyrighted material owned by others. While Steam’s cautious approach may raise challenges, it also opens the door to exciting opportunities for social media companies eager to dive into the realm of AI-generated content. As the gaming landscape evolves, we find ourselves at a crossroads where the boundaries of creativity and intellectual property collide. The path ahead may be uncertain, but one thing’s for sure: the fusion of AI and social media promises a thrilling journey full of surprises, innovation, and perhaps even a touch of controversy.

Google's Privacy Policy Update: AI-Driven Data Collection

Google’s latest privacy policy update is making waves! In an eyebrow-raising move, Google now boldly declares its intention to scrape publicly available information to supercharge its arsenal of AI tools. Privacy concerns are currently lurking in the shadows. As social media companies strive to navigate the fine line between utilising user data and keeping the trust of their audience, they find themselves treading a treacherous tightrope.

OpenAI's Focus on Superalignment

Get ready for an AI revolution! OpenAI, the unstoppable AI research organization, has assembled a dream team focused on “superalignment.” Their mission? To make sure that as AI systems surpass human intelligence, their goals remain in perfect sync with our cherished human values. It’s a mind-boggling task but one that holds tremendous importance for social media platforms. Understanding the significance of aligning AI systems with user interests and values is the secret to maintaining user trust. Prepare for a future where AI and human values unite and social media becomes an even more harmonious space for all.


As AI continues to evolve, social media companies must stay abreast of the latest developments. From the slowdown in ChatGPT’s growth to the emergence of new platforms like Threads and the expansion of creative possibilities with features like MidJourney’s pan and Leonardo AI’s Canvas V2, AI impacts various aspects of the social media industry. Furthermore, navigating the legal and ethical challenges of AI-generated content, as seen with Steam’s recent stance and considering privacy implications as highlighted in Google’s policy update, are key considerations for social media companies. By staying informed and adapting to these AI developments, social media platforms can effectively harness the power of AI to enhance user experiences and shape the future of digital interactions. Stay tuned for more weekly AI updates!

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