AI News Round-up: GPT-5 Trademark Filing, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Updates, and More!

AI Consults AI for Life-Saving Diagnoses, Expert Testimonies Trigger Debate, and Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Shocks Tech Giants!


Welcome to our comprehensive AI news recap, where we'll bring you up to speed on the latest developments in the world of artificial intelligence that you may have missed from the past week. From OpenAI's intriguing trademark filing for GPT-5 to the latest enhancements in their ChatGPT tool, as well as other exciting AI-powered features from YouTube, Instagram, Stack Overflow, InVideo, and Google, we've got it all covered!


AI-generated movie trailer: Genesis

A graphic designer, Lamneubert, managed to create an impressive movie trailer titled “Genesis” using AI in a remarkably short span of 7 hours. Lamneubert utilised various tools for different aspects of the trailer’s creation. For instance, the images were created using Midjourney, while the videos were generated using Runway. The musical elements were sourced from Pixabay, and the final editing was carried out using CapCut. The trailer showcases an astonishing level of realism, giving viewers a glimpse of what the future of AI-powered creativity might look like.

GPT-5 Trademark Filing: OpenAI's Next Milestone

OpenAI has taken a significant step forward by officially filing for a trademark for GPT-5, the highly anticipated successor to their groundbreaking language model series. The trademark description indicates that GPT-5 may feature human-like speech capabilities and advanced natural language processing.

New Updates to ChatGPT: Revolutionizing Conversational Experiences

OpenAI has recently announced noteworthy updates to its ChatGPT tool, aimed at providing users with an even more seamless conversational experience. Among the updates are prompt examples, suggested replies, and the convenience of uploading multiple files during interactions.

YouTube's AI-Generated Video Summaries: Enhancing Accessibility

In a move to make content consumption easier, YouTube is currently testing AI-generated video summaries. These summaries offer viewers a quick overview of a video’s content, helping them determine if it aligns with their interests without having to watch the entire video.

Stack Overflow's OverflowAI: Empowering Developers

Stack Overflow has introduced OverflowAI, a game-changing AI-powered tool that provides concise answers based on its extensive knowledge base of coding questions and solutions. OverflowAI aims to streamline the coding experience by offering developers more efficient ways to find solutions and answers.

AI-Powered Video Creation with InVideo: Unleashing Creativity

InVideo, a user-friendly video creation tool, has embraced AI-powered text-to-video capabilities. This cutting-edge feature enables users to effortlessly generate videos from simple text prompts, unlocking endless creative possibilities for video creators, businesses, and content producers. It simplifies the video production process and opens up new avenues for content creation.

Google's AI Search: Enhancing Search Results

Google is experimenting with AI-powered search results that present more comprehensive information through images, videos, and chat responses. This innovative approach, known as generative AI search, aims to enrich the user experience by providing more relevant and diverse information for each search query.


The Dilemma of AI Influencers: The Emergence of AI-Generated Influencers

The rise of AI-generated influencers, such as the popular Lil Miquela, with millions of followers and substantial earnings, sparks ethical and practical questions about the future of influencer marketing and the profound impact of AI on social media dynamics.


The fast-paced world of AI is ever-evolving, with remarkable advancements in language models, video creation tools, and AI influencers. As AI continues to advance, its applications across various industries will reshape how we interact with technology and consume content.

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