Maximizing ROI: How Digital Agencies Leverage Google Ads for Success

10 Jaw-Dropping Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google Ads ASAP - You Won't Believe the Results!

maximising google ads

Google Ads is one of the most powerful advertising tools that enables you to reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals. Did you know that Google Shopping Ads drive 76.4% of all retail search ad spend?

There are many technical aspects to it, but the benefits at the end of the day are most definitely worth it!

In this article we’ll explain why incorporating it into your marketing strategy is a MUST when it comes to ensuring the success of your marketing efforts!



Google Ads allows for your ads to be shown to a much larger audience. Through search engine optimisation and other similar tools, your ads can be seen by millions of people around the world.

There is also the added benefit of Google Display Network which refers to a network of websites and apps that have agreed to display them!

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Increased Visibility via Google Ads
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Targeting specific demographics and interests enables you to make sure your ads are being seen by people that are actually interested in your product or service.

This is done by selecting consumers based on their interests, needs and wants in order to create a target audience or group. This is useful in that you can therefore target your ads to people that are already interested, wanting or needing what you are offering!

Ultimately this could lead to a higher conversion rate due to your ads being directly targeted to the right audience.

What is Targeted Advertising?



Google Adwords allows you to measure your results through reports on ad performance. These results are related to key metrics like clicks, impressions or conversion rates.

As you can see here, metrics give helpful insight into the results per post which is ultimately very useful when it comes to assessing the success or failure of your ads.

Google Ads | Results



Google Ads are extremely cost-effective in comparison to other digital marketing channels. For example, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad whilst other channels charge you an overall fee irrespective of whether the advert is successful or not.

By successful we mean whether it generates leads and increases conversion rates.

Google Ads | Budget

setting a budget with google ads


In terms of targeting, budgeting and schedule options, Google Ads are extremely flexible.

For example, advertisers can set their own budget for campaigns depending on how much they are willing to spend per day and for for how long, meaning that budgeting is extremely flexible.

Another way in which it is flexible is that businesses can now adjust their strategy and budgets according to which ads and keywords are performing better than others!

This can also be done in near real time without having to apply for changes, making it extremely easy and flexible.

Flexible Bid Strategies

Google ads summary


If factors such as relevant keywords, ad relevance and quality score, bid strategy and conversion tracking are optimised, advertisers can increase their chances of achieving a high return on investment.

ROI Optimisation | Google Ads



This enables businesses to target consumers based on their search intent and ultimately deliver ads that are the most relevant based on this intent.

Harnessing the intent benefit of Google Ads allows you to reach consumers at the right time, with the right message.

The Ultimate Guide to Google's Custom Intent Audiences 

google ads dashboard


Google Ads gives you full control over:

  • What type of budget you’d like to set.
  • What geographical location and specific audience you’d like to target
  • Which keywords you’d like to select to trigger your ads.
  • Adjusting bids for desired ad placement.
  • Monitoring and adjusting your ads performance.
  • Testing different ad versions and optimising for whichever version does the best.

You're in control


Due to the fact that Google Ads increases visibility, it allows you to target specific audiences and specific locations as well as across multiple Google platforms it drastically helps with creating brand awareness.

Google Adwords | Brand Awareness

google ads stats you need to know


Did you know that Google Ads is available in over 190 countries which allows businesses to reach a global audience and in turn this can help businesses expand into new markets and reach new customers around the world.

Keys to Creating a Global Campaign on Adwords

Grow your business with google ads


Did you know that Google Ads is available in over 190 countries which allows businesses to reach a global audience and in turn this can help businesses expand into new markets and reach new customers around the world.

Google Adwords | Marketing Strategy
Google Adwords | Support
What is Google Ads and why is it important for your online marketing strategy

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